Meeting with Soso Cappone

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Meeting with Soso Cappone

Post  Guest on Sat Dec 22, 2012 8:50 am

Today i was cruising with Bem , when we crashed and our car exploded..
I called a taxi , and there he came.. Soso Cappone

When we arrived at our destination he started asking if we did search a hard worker ,
So Bem and I decided to start a chat with him.

So we drove to our Warehouse and started talking ,
I got allot of information about him.

He's a nice guy with allot of experience , but handling a gun is a bit difficult for him.
But we will teach him how to handle a gun , that will be fine.

I made some picture's of our chat , and some RolePlay screenshot's for Bem Pepe.

Screens of our chat :


When Soso and I drove to the Carlot we saw somebody laying on the ground hurted , so Soso directly helped him.
He grabbed a bike and did go to a 24/7 Shop and buyed a Medic Kit , he came back to the Carlot to help the suspect.

Soso did do a great job , we helped the suspect to the Hospital and he got healed.
The paramedic did do a great job.

Screens :


Soso did do a great job , and i think we can use him for our group.

OOC Information about Soso :

He had a account from lvl 22 ,
The Admins tought he was a hacker so they deleted his account.
He started a new account , he's now lvl 3.

Greetz , Luca Ricchello


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Re: Meeting with Soso Cappone

Post  Nucci on Sat Dec 22, 2012 9:59 am

seems like a goodguy.

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