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IC Rules. Empty IC Rules.

Post  Bem Pepe on Tue Dec 11, 2012 4:19 pm


1. Show respect.

2. Show loyalty.

3. Listen to orders from higher rank.

4. Do not speak in public about “The Dillimore crew” or its members.

5. Safety first! Always were a vest and firearms.

6. Always speak the truth when talking to other members.

7. Accept and respect our allies.

8. Working for other organizations is not allowed, unless you have permission (capo+).

9. Do not attract any attention to the villa. This includes;
Don’t shoot or fight around the warehouse.
Don’t bring cops to the warehouse, don’t hide in the warehouse if you are being chased!!!
Do not bring unknown strangers to the warehouse unless you have permission (capo+).
Do not sell any illegal materials in Dillimore or at the warehouse.

10. Keep a low profile.

11. Always support you’re guys!

12. Always act proffessional at Dillimore.(Jumping around, shooting, beating, and other shit) Isnt allowed in dillimore. You will get 3 warnings and then you are out!
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