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Post  Leonard_Sinatra on Thu May 23, 2013 2:58 am

It all started with a normal day. Leonard told the guys at garage that he gonna have a walk around El Corona. Suddenly he found a Savanna which were looking very good with awesome car parts. He took out his Radio and called Jacob and Aldo to help him. Jacob brought the Savanna at the garage and they started to take down the parts. As they finished it they brought the car somewhere where noone would find it again.

Car parts! 69aae-sa-mp-552-43
Car parts! 69aae-sa-mp-553-ca
Car parts! 69aae-sa-mp-554-79
Car parts! 69aae-sa-mp-555-1c
Car parts! 69aae-sa-mp-556-8d
Car parts! 69aae-sa-mp-557-6c
Car parts! 69aae-sa-mp-558-be
Car parts! 69aae-sa-mp-559-a3
Car parts! 69aae-sa-mp-560-60
Car parts! 69aae-sa-mp-561-42
Car parts! 69aae-sa-mp-562-89
Car parts! 69aae-sa-mp-563-e8
Car parts! 69aae-sa-mp-564-01
Car parts! 69aae-sa-mp-565-51
Car parts! 69aae-sa-mp-566-86
Car parts! 69aae-sa-mp-567-52
Car parts! 69aae-sa-mp-568-37
Car parts! 69aae-sa-mp-569-23
Car parts! 69aae-sa-mp-570-a6
Car parts! 69aae-sa-mp-571-67
Car parts! 69aae-sa-mp-572-c3
Car parts! 69aae-sa-mp-573-c8
Car parts! 69aae-sa-mp-574-ce
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