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Post  Nucci on Thu May 09, 2013 2:16 pm

Small story added to the main story on the front page.

As time passed the crew turned the stolen shipment into cash, so much cash that they decided to invest it in opening an ilegal casino right there in Dillimore. The casino brought they guys more cash then they could spend. Business was great and new conacts were made every day and sooner rather then later the "Dillimore crew" had made name for itselve.

The crew had grown steadily with Locals from Dillimore and old friends from the city. Not long after settling in Dillimore the gangsters found themselves running everything in the town. Doessent matter what's happening in Dillimore if there's money being made the crew would have their cut.

Just when all was going well there's always others that want to take what you have. With quite a few conflicts as a resolve.
Lots of guys afiliated with the crew died or went missing. Even Bem one of the founders and leaders of the crew went missing and has not been heared off for quite some time. After these losses the crew found itselve in some seriouse "bad weather"
After a bad period they turned to an old friend. Dillimore crew is no longer an independent crew but part of a huge organisation. La Cosa Nostra

The arrangement.
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Business as usual
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Meeting the others.
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The job.
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Post  Leonard_Sinatra on Mon May 20, 2013 7:41 am

Looks pretty nice Exclamation
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