New Leaders Untill Old Ones Get Back

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New Leaders Untill Old Ones Get Back Empty New Leaders Untill Old Ones Get Back

Post  Dom_Cataldo on Tue Apr 23, 2013 8:50 pm

As we know Bem is busy and hes just doesnt find time for samp and Luc is also busy and has no time.
So we were thinking that we cant let Dillimore die, it must stay alive, we must find something to do.
So me Dom Cataldo and my good friend Jack Allen are going to take over the business and try our best to keep the
Dillimore crew alive. We will try to keep it in action and keep the soul inside Dillimore.

Dont worry Bem and Luc arent dead yet, we will just keep leading untill they find time and can play again.

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